Quick Guide to Sovryn

What is Sovryn?

  • a system for bitcoin lending, borrowing, and margin trading that uses non-custodial and permissionless smart contracts
  • the DAO built on RSK, a Bitcoin sidechain, that provides Bitcoin with superpowers
  • the most feature-rich DeFi platform for Bitcoin
  • an ecosystem whose aim is to secure digital property rights

Sovryn is built on RSK, a Bitcoin sidechain secured by the Bitcoin network. The native token of RSK is RBTC, an exact 1:1 BTC peg. When you transfer bitcoin into RSK, your bitcoin is locked and the equivalent amount released as RBTC on RSK. Using RBTC, you can lend, borrow, and trade on Sovryn. In addition, all fees are paid in RBTC, so you don't need a separate asset just for transaction fees.

Currently Available Features

  • Spot Exchange - A low-cost, low-slippage, AMM allowing instant trades between tokens
  • RSK (BTC) - Ethereum - BSC token bridge
  • Margin Trading - Up to 5X long/short trades
  • Lending Pools/Yield Farming - Earn interest by lending tokens to margin traders and borrowers
  • Borrowing - Borrow tokens from the lending pool (All lending is over-collateralized)
  • SOV staking for fee sharing, voting power, platform rewards and airdrops
  • FastBTC Relay - A simple and quick method to bi-directionally exchange between Bitcoin and RBTC
  • Bitcoin-backed stablecoin - A USD-pegged token backed by overcollateralized bitcoin
  • Origins Launchpad
  • Bitocracy - Incentive-aligned protocol governance. SIPs are openly discussed on Sovryn’s social channels, then moved to the official Bitocracy forum, then moved to the Sovryn dApp governance reconciliation. Each staker has voting rights to participate in decisions that determine the course of platform development.

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